We reserve the right to charge processing fees or penalties in the event of refunds, cancellations and other services.



This agency and its agents have endeavored to secure the lowest possible comparable fare, suitable for your travel requirements, based on space available at the time of booking, accessible sources of information, and knowledge of agents involved. This agency cannot guarantee, in view of the deregulation of airline fares, that the fare indicated on the ticket will be the lowest possible fare at departure date. Please contact this travel agency before departure if you wish to recheck any newly introduced fare that may correspond with your specific travel requirements. PLEASE NOTE that retention of tickets, reservations or bookings after issuance shall constitute acceptance of all the provisions in the conditions listed hereto, as well as those terms and conditions set forth in the announcements and circulars of the tour/package, cruise or service.


In the event of this Travel Agency's/Supplier default, you are not eligible for a refund unless insured. Refund of any money paid to this Travel Agency that is due because of this Travel Agency's/Supplier bankruptcy, insolvency, cessation of operations, or material failure to provide the transportation or travel services sold are based on the guidelines of the insurance policy purchased. The claim must be filed within 3 business days (no later than 1 week) after you become aware of your loss. It must be in writing.


Upon cancellation of the transportation or travel services, where you, the customer, are not at fault and have not canceled in violation of the terms and conditions, if any, of the contract for transportation or travel services, partial sums of the what was paid to this Travel Agency for services not received by you will be promptly refunded by this Travel Agency, upon final judgement.



There are different types of medical, baggage or trip cancellations insurance from the supplier or the agencies. NOTE: Insurance coverage may not cover pre-existing conditions and may have other restrictions and exclusions. Consult the insurance carriers direct for details. Trip insurance or waivers provided by the supplier may not offer insolvency coverage. In NY State, you can get “Cancel for No Reason” Travel Insurance, and if you do need to – when time comes, you will receive up to or less than 50% of the initial amount spent (72 hrs. prior to travel time/date).