We aren't your typical destination wedding planners and designers; we work with brides, grooms and their families who want a destination wedding that stands apart from the rest. We understand planning a wedding or special event from another country can be a stressful task. The search for the perfect location and trustworthy vendors is stressful for every bride, but factor in the distance, the language barriers, and delayed replies to your emails and planning a destination wedding can start to feel overwhelming! Overall - it all comes down to the bottom line - the Dollar.

Our number one priority is to take all the logistical and design aspects off your plate, and put you as the bride back in control of your vision! 

You can depend on us to make your planning process stress-free, and we will make sure your day, details and decor is uniquely special. Specializing in Turks & Caicos, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Mexico, other areas of the Caribbean and even around the world.


We work with a variety of resorts and local wedding planning partners to offer you a full plan and design of the services offered.  In most cases, there will be a bridal websites offered based on the venue chosen for the wedding and stay.  This will allow the bride & grooms family to update photos, invitations, itineraries, key people of the wedding, delegate responsibiilities, layout communications accessible to all guests and even a blog for guests to post on their social media photos, videos and more - before, during and after the wedding.

Please contact us for a complimentary phone consultation. We include unlimited email and scheduled phone calls for all of our couples. We team with local planners/hotel coordinators and various vendors to provide:

  • Event Day Management 
  • Full-service planning for weddings 
  • Site/venue research and selection
  • Vendor recommendations, introductions and negotiation
  • Design consultation and production
  • Budget construction and consideration
  • Food and entertainment research and selection
  • Personal styling and wardrobe consultation
  • Guest list RSVP, travel reservations and seating management including local transportation arrangements
  • Ceremony scripting
  • Welcome gifts and reception, rehearsal dinner and farewell brunch planning and execution


We take great pride in bringing our clients’ style and vision to life by designing custom events for them! Whether you envision simple elegance or modern sophistication, our passion for details is evident in everything we do. When it comes to décor, we are current with the latest styling trends and even strive to be trendsetters. Since we are based in New York, we ensure you have a lot of decor possibilities that suit your Dream Wedding - items hard to find in a lot of destinations. We also have decor and floral liaisons in different destinations that can provide high quality arrangements and event décor items - traditional, contemperory, modern and neoclassic. Our wedding, floral and event designers and decorators offer a complete range of quality ideas, advice and items to add a wow factor to your wedding. 


We are open to any wish / request, within the means of logistics - to make it happen. There are various specials and secret bonus events / activities also added as per property requests that we will offer to the families.  Just ask for them.